Mod based on the Lineage 2 Classic game.
Participate in continuous mass, group and individual PVP.




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    GvE - This is a modification of the Lineage 2 game in which two factions (Fire and Water) are constantly fighting each other for territories, castles and unique raid bosses.

Immediately into battle

After creating a character, you can immediately select his class and initial equipment. After receiving support buffs from the NPC in the village of your faction and purchasing consumables, you can immediately go to the battlefield.

Character leveling in PVP

Fight with players of another faction - get adena and experience for killing an enemy. The stronger the enemy, the more rewards you will receive for killing him. Use debuffs to get 40% of the reward if someone else killed the enemy.

Improving equipment

By killing enemies, you accumulate Adena, for which you can purchase equipment from an NPC in the faction village. Also, the vast market allows you to successfully trade mined items during boss raids and unique events.

There is a great opportunity to enhance the character by improving various items.

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Lead the faction to victory

Outpost ControlFactions fight for control of territories by destroying enemy outposts. Take part in massive battles.

Faction RaidsEvery evening, both factions fight for the right to raid one of the epic bosses. The winning faction receives the buff and fragments of epic jewelry.

Siege of CastlesTwo sieges on the main faction castles take place daily. The faction that captured the castle gains game advantages.

Olympiad Games

Daily battles: Player versus PlayerOlympiad according to the rules of Lineage 2 Classic. Get rewards for achieving Hero status.

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    Cycle: 1 week (shift - Monday)
    Conducting battles: Daily
    Time: 21:00 - 00:00

Battles for forts and artifacts

Capturing Fortress There are 3 Fortress in the world.

A fortress can belong to a faction or a separate clan. After the end of the siege, a reward is given: Epaulets, Adena and an additional amount of Adena, which accumulated in the Fort before the start of the siege.
You can start a siege of the fort every 2 hours

Capturing Artifacts There are 6 Artifacts in the world.

By capturing an Artifact, you strengthen each member of your faction by 2 points of one of the characteristics SRT, INT, DEX, WIT, CON or MEN.
Up to 4 Artifacts can be captured from one faction

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Get unique items

Improved Labyrinth of the AbyssGather a group of 4 people to challenge the mobs in the dungeon for unique items. You can go into the dungeon once a day.

NPC QuestsComplete special tasks that you can get from NPCs in the city of your faction. NPC generously rewards everyone who completes his tasks.

FishingYou can fish in a specially designated area. This is a good way to take a break from the constant battles and get useful items without being at the computer.

Farming around the worldIn each location for which there is a fight between the factions, you can find mobs. By killing mobs, you can get useful items.

Group Raids on BossesGather a group for raids on bosses that are located in locations for which the factions are fighting. Raid bosses are marked on the game map.

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Improving the character

Life StoneGet Life Stone by killing mobs, raid bosses and other places in the world. By installing a Life Stone in your weapon, you not only get a visual effect, but you can also assign yourself a new useful skill.

Runes for WeaponsBy crossing the runes, you can increase their level. The higher the level of the rune, the better the bonuses you can get by installing it in your weapon.

Blooded EquipmentBy upgrading your equipment to Blooded status, you can get bonuses useful in PVP. To get Blooded equipment, you need to improve your cuirass, robe or plate armor.

Enchanting EquipmentItems are enchanted by using special scrolls, which you can get when hunting mobs. By improving the entire set of armor to a certain level, you get an additional bonus.

BraceleteIn addition to positive effects, the bracelet allows you to equip additional items, for example: talismans. Upgrade your bracelet to get the best bonuses.

BeltsUsing the belt, you increase the parameters of your character: Maximum HP/MP/CP. And also you increase the weight limit, increase the slots in your inventory.

TalismansThe talisman increases almost all parameters of your character very well. To get the best properties of a talisman, you need to increase its level.

CloacksCloaks not only look beautiful on characters, but also add positive stats. Choose a raincoat that suits you and enjoy the look.

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